Welcome to Artisan On-Line

You probably already use Artisan to run your retail store and want to interface it with an on-line store. Perhaps you are interested in Artisan, but have held off because you need on-line capability. Artisan on-Line StoreYour wait is over. We now have an affordable and easy to use on-line store that interfaces with Artisan to ensure your on-line inventory is up to date.Our interface also works with Artisan to bring your on-line sales in to your retail store.


In addition to providing a feature rich shopping cart system, our solution provides you with a full featured web site content management system so that you have much more than a shopping cart, you have a complete website. You can easily add calendars, polls, contact forms, photo galleries and much more. Of course you can also add regular pages to help sell your services and market your products.


Contact us today to find out how Certek Software and Vision Technology Management have combined their talents to make your retail life much easier. We'll be happy to walk you through a working demonstration.

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