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San Francisco, CA

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Average Temperatures (in Fahrenheit):

High Low
January - March 61 45
April - June 66 49
July - September 69 53
October - December 68 47

You can visit San Francisco comfortably any time of year; the climate is moderate, except for the occasional chill that accompanies the rolling in of the fog. The temperature seldom drops below 40F, nor rises to 80F.

It is advisable to pack sweaters, jackets, and clothes for layering because of year round variations in temperature. Include shorts or cool cottons for summer and a bathing suit, as most hotels have a pool. The city can be chilly at any time of the year, especially in summer, when the fog descends and stays for longer periods. Rainfall amount is low year round, but humidity is often high due to the fog.

Although casual dress is the norm in California, men will need a jacket and tie for many good restaurants in the evening, and women will be more comfortable in something somewhat dressy.

Earthquakes are part of life in California. Most of which cause little tremors too small to notice. In case of a noticeable earthquake: seek cover; do not run outside. Stand under a doorway or against a wall and stay away from windows. If you exit a building after an earthquake, use stairs, not elevators. If you are in your car, pull over to the side of the road and stop, but not until you are away from bridges, overpasses, telephone poles, and power lines. Stay in your car. If you're out walking, stay outside and away from trees, power lines, and the sides of buildings. If you're in an area with tall buildings, find a doorway in which to stand.

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