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Welcome to the Fort Lauderdale Travelogue - a moderated page where you can get the inside information on the best eateries, places to go, local nightlife, and things to do in and around the Fort Lauderdale area. Note: This page is not an advertisement for any particular spot and all opinions contained here are solely those of the individual contributor.

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Category: Travel Tips & Questions
I will be flying into Fort Lauderdale,FL for a cruise that leaves Miami. What is the cheapest way to get from Fort Lauderdale to Miami. Can we rent a car in Fort Lauderdale and drop it off is Miami somewhere close to where we will be leaving port.
-- Kellie Hartman  - Tuesday, May 18, 2004 at 19:00:30

Category: Places to Stay
Hello, my name is Barbara Williams I am looking to rent a house for a fifty birthday party on the beach only 2 or 3 bedrooms with pool from march 20-22 2004 6 people will stay in the house but the party will be for 20 or 25 people for this party can you contact me at home 954-772-2148 or work 954-308-4199 I would like to get started now! Also looking for a cater as well Thanks 
-- BARBARA WILLIAMS ( - Wednesday, December 10, 2003 at 10:27:02

Category: Places to Stay
Hello ! I'm coming to Florida/Ftlauderdale 12/2003 I and my mate are looking for bungalow/apartment to stay about a week. We do appreciate full kitchen. Please mail your comments to
-- Vesa Muhonen ( - Monday, August 11, 2003 at 20:18:05

Category: Travel Tips & Questions
Which airport Fort Lauderdale or Miami would be the best to fly from going to ATL?
-- Denise Nix ( - Thursday, June 26, 2003 at 17:26:59

Myself and 6 other ladies are coming to Fort Lauderdale for a getaway weekend and we want to have fun! Eat, drink, shop, dance whatever we want to do it! Help!!!!
-- Felicia Rocker ( - Wednesday, June 18, 2003 at 10:25:11

Category: Travel Tips & Questions
What is the cheapest and best way to get from Fort Lauderdale airport to the Miami ports for a cruise. Can you rent a car at the Ft. Lauderdale airport and drop it off at a car rental place near or at the Miami airport.
-- Jerry Grow ( - Sunday, February 2, 2003 at 23:04:33

Category: Places to Stay
I am looking to take a mini vacation with my wife and two daugthers in the month of feb 23 03 to march 01-03 and am looking for accomdation at afare price maybe a home or condo anyone out there that can help, thank-you
-- robert melo ( - Tuesday, 31, 2002 at - Sunday, 8, 2002 at 17:22:29

I was wondering what is there to do in fort lauderdale or see for to adults on a mini vacation wild or other to see or do we will be there on june 25 to june 27 we will like to see all we can
-- Art ( ) - 05/29/2001

I'm heading to Ft. Lauderdale in a couple weeks, and was told that the Riverview was THE place to stay on Las Olas. Can anyone give me more information? Thanks. John
-- John Capecci ( submitted 1/28/1999

I will spending five days in fort lauderdale in march and I would like to take a one day tour of miami/south beach and little HAVANA. Can you tell me if there is one day guided tour of all these spots. If there isn't a guided tour of these spots can you please tell what the best way to do this . Thank you very much. Please send email response to Egranado@WNYC.ORG.
-- Anonymous submitted 1/28/1999

3D with 3 friends i will be in florida for one week in march. we are planning a 2-day=B4s trip to the bahamas (freepor) for gambling. who can give us information on how we can get there (packagetour via ship or air)? thanks
-- 3Dbernd kratz ( submitted 1/28/1999

Coming to Ft Lauderdale end of Feb '99.Will need to rent a car.Are there local car rentals that are more reasonable or should I make reservations ahead via Hertz or whomever...
-- Alice ( submitted 1/28/1999

Montreal, 9 jan.99 Hello, we are a group of 4 from Montreal (3 golfers) looking for lodging for march 15-23. 10 minutes walk max from the beach. Between Fort Lauderdale and Melbourne. Maximum 299$US per person.
-- Daniel Boily ( submitted 1/28/1999

Having a family reunion in Fort Lauderdale, 24 Mar thru 31 Mar 99. Looking for someplace to hang my hat: a rental home, condo, etc.., to house up to 8 people. Please email me if you have such a property available or know of one.
-- Georgette ( submitted 1/27/1999

look for renting a condo or home for one week. We look for full utilities. Can you give us some informations? Thank you!
-- Denis Tremblay ( submitted 1/27/1999

We're looking for some information on the Days Inn Hotel: Days Inn Oceanside - Inn 435 N Atlantic Blvd Fort Lauderdale FL 33304-4205 Is this location good..what is it close to? Also looking for information as to the reputation of the hotel. Is it rated well by the local residents as well as travelers? What is the appearance, and area like? Would appreciate any information. Thank you!
-- terri ( submitted 1/27/1999

Hi, We would like to come to Ft. Lauderdale last Jan, or early Feb.'99 to play golf. Any suggestions of a Golf Resort ?? We would like to stay at the course for a week. A par three would be acceptable. Thanks !!
-- Anonymous submitted 1/27/1999

We are looking for golf course, with special rate, for 7 days / 2 -18 by days for 2 guys in ft lauderdales area, at a special rate for the 1 weeks of feb. If you can give us special rate, we will be glade go book in advance for t-off and will pay in advance. Please cfm if possible to have a special rates as requested. b.rgds Mario Lanthier e mail address:
-- Anonymous submitted 1/27/1999

we are a german familie and our problem is , that the weather in germany is very bad( the same as my englisch). we want tomake holiday fron 20. , 21 , 22 or 23. dez. 2 weeks long. we stay the 7. in ft. lauderdale. but our problem is , taht we have a flight , but no home. we are a familie with one child 11 jears old and we come to florida to play golf and good living . we love the good restaurant , ambry , double you , bootlegger and the other one. if you have a home for this time , send me a message or telephone me . tel 0049-2336-830064. don=B4t angry to write or speak with me . i work in germany by borussia dortmund , this is a soccer club in first division. we love ft. lauderdale an we hope somebody read our message an we can go at christmas to florida. thank you for your work=20 norbert dickel germany
-- Anonymous submitted 1/27/1999

On 12/6/98, we will be flying into Ft. Lauderdale on Air Tran to take a cruise on Premier's Sea Breeze. Could you let me have names of shuttle services to and from airport to piers. Thank you for any information you can provide.
-- Bill ( submitted 1/27/1999

-- LEWIS I. HANSEN (LEWISHANSEN@JUNO.COM) submitted 1/27/1999

Hello, my name is Marianne, and I am 48 years old, and I am coming to Ft. Lauderdale on the 11th Nov. this year, and I would like to meet an ordinary american family in same age. I'm visiting your country with a girl frind on a vacation. I have one grownup child, and my girl frind have two children, and she works as nurses-helper in Denmark. We are both very interested in music, nature, animals, other people, and so on. I have been in Barcelona in Spain and seen the one and only albino Gorilla in the World, so if you have something special to show me like your parrot jungle, and should like to hear about it. I appreciate any good suggestion, and will be happu to hear from you. Sincerely yours, Marianne
-- Marianne Vibeke Moeller ( submitted 1/27/1999

My girlfriend and I (both Dutch) want to emigrate to Florida (ft. Lauderdale) in the year 2000. We are both academics (economics). What is the best way to settle there?
-- Paul Reintjes ( submitted 1/27/1999

My wife and I are visiting Fort Lauderdale the 1st week in November and are looking for any suggestions on the following: what are the good night spots for "middle aged" couple, where are the good , non-touristy, places to eat (Mexican,Chinese, or Seafood), what are some of the local activities that we shouldn't miss. Is going to the Everglades worth it? If anyone can provide this or other information it would be greatly appreciated. If's good to get a hometown person's viewpoint.
-- Steve Zagzebski ( submitted 1/27/1999

We are looking for a condo/townhouse/bungalow for 9 people from December 18/99 to January 2/00. We love to swim, play golf, etc, near the beach. Please E-mail us with info on places to stay - web sites and such - Thanks
-- Gail Souter ( submitted 1/27/1999

Hi, I'm from Cincinnati Ohio, and am looking for a hotel in Fort Lauderdale on the beach in early November. There will be a total of 16 Adults and after our stay will be going on the Ecstasy Carnival Cruise on Nov 9th. for a 4 day cruise. If anyone could help me find a fun place to stay that's directly on the beach and not having to cross the street and close to all the action, I would greatly appreaciate it. Or any info. that would be helpful... thanks
-- Jim Groh (JSG@SCH.COM) submitted 1/27/1999

LAUDERDALE-BY-THE-SEA in june 1999 and stay there for a month. we are interested in renting a 1 room apartment or a two room apartment. Please send us addresses, e-mail or webpages with price info and availabitity, thanks. - ( submitted 8/8/98
-- (=?iso-8859-1?Q?=22Carina_M=F6ller=22?=) submitted 1/27/1999

Will be flying to Fort Lauderdale soon and I understand there is a shared ride limo from the airport but can not find any information about it. Can someone help? Thanks, Rick
-- Rick ( submitted 4/6/1998

Hi, we are planning on coming to Fort Lauderdale from Dec. 23 until January 2 and are interested in renting a villa or bungalow for upto 15 people. Please send us addresses, e-mail or webpages with price info and availability, thanks
-- Taco NYC ( submitted 3/24/1998

Hi, We will be visition Fort Lauderdale next month, but will be landing in Miami. Can anyone tell me the easiest and most economical way to travel from Miami airport region to the Holiday Inn, Ft.Lauderdale Hotel, on Powerline Rd.? Since we are going to Bahamas for a few days, we don't want to rent a car right away. Thanks for your help. Terrie.
-- Terrie ( submitted 3/20/1998

Looking for package prices to FtLauderdale golf for late may '98 for a single golfer including options. 3-14-98
-- George N. Wood ( submitted 3/14/1998

-- George N. Wood submitted 3/14/1998

Four college age girls are looking for a summer getaway in Ft Lauderdale. Looking, for fun, cheap, and cool places to stay, hang out and of course, be in the sun. Wanting to come down in July when airline rates are cheapest...Please help. ---Stacy
-- Stacy ( submitted 3/8/1998

Hi! I would like to get a good map of Fort Lauderdale on the web! If you got a great address, write me back! Daphnee
-- Daphnee Lavoie ( submitted 2/27/1998

Each year we visit Ft.L., and we are very upset at the closing of "The Candy Store." Is there anything going to be there? Please let me know! Thanks, Lisa[]
-- Lisa ( submitted 2/8/1998

I'm new in the Ft Lauderdale area and would love to meet new guys , open minded men in the area who wills to have a very soothing adult enterteining time! i love fort lauderdale its people and its sourroundings you can meet me and get to know me personally (only if u are a male older than 21) by visitting my personal website! " " i also have some knowledge with computers / and building websites /pages just in case u might also need some help , well i hope to meet lots of interesting people here in ft laud , since i always thought this place was very interesting in addition to being a beautiful area to live thanks Jessica (New in ft laud, from NY)
-- Jessica L. ( submitted 2/6/1998

Hey, could someone send me some information about the Swap Shop on Sunrise Boulevard in Ft. Lauderdale. Thanks Steve e-mail:
-- () submitted 1/28/1998

I am interested in a golf package for 12 to 16 senior golfers. We would prefer a time in late Jan. or early Feb. We would like a 3 night stay and play golf for 4 days. We would prefer a Mon., Tue., Wed., night stay. Can you provide me info. for a package that would include roundtrip travel from Nashville, Tn., lodging, and golf w/cart. Thanks.
-- Bobby Johnson ( submitted 12/18/1997

I am looking for an ideal vacation area where my parents and myself can play golf while my sister, who is eight, can take part in group activities with other children her own age. She likes to swim, play tennis, and would like to learn how to play golf. This trip is planned for this February. Please email me if you have any suggestions
-- Jonathan Simone ( submitted 10/6/1997

were visiting fort lauderdale from ireland on 20 oct to 30 of oct could somebody suggest some good irish pubs to visit. thank you
-- martin mc connell ( submitted 9/13/1997

I am travelling to Fort Lauderdale on October 4, 1997. I am scheduled for a live-aboard Dive boat on October 11-18/97. Looking for information of 5 or 6 day dive trip in Bahamas or area. Plus hotel rooms in Fort Lauderdale area in $75.00 -$125.00 area. Any Suggestions
-- Kim De Crane ( submitted 9/10/1997

Hi! I.m a 23-year-old girl from Germany and I will arrive in Fort Lauderdale on September 10. I will stay for 9 months and I would be glad to find some new friends there or somebody who can tell me more about Fort Lauderdale or show me the best places. Please email to (till Sept. 10 or to 10 - May 1998). Looking forward to hearing from you!!
-- Angelika ( submitted 8/6/97

My husband and I are looking to rent in Jan/Feb, or Feb/Mar 1998 in Lauderdale area, Lauderhill, Singer Island, etc. for 1st time. Understand Century Village, which has all amenities, has 4 month requirement. Would like 1-2 bedrooms, 1 1/2 bath. Can anyone help us - responsible, mature adults - just looking to see what it's all about! Thanks!
-- pat ( submitted 7/24/1997

I will be going on a cruise in November 1997, and flying into Fort Lauderdale because of a Southwest Airlines free ticket I have. I need the easiest, fastest, and cheapest method of travel from Fort Lauderdale to Miami. Can somebody please help
-- EMILY GARCIA (PINKEE23@AOL.COM) submitted 6/24/1997

I am interested in renting a dog friendly townhome or villa for three months (Jan,Feb, March) or (Dec.Jan. Feb) in 1998 in the Ft. Lauderdale area. I need two bedrooms at least and the home should allow me to bring my dog. I know I can rent a condo in a high rise but my problem is the dog. Can you suggest where I can get information or where on the web I can search for a rental. Thanks.
-- Marsha Fine ( submitted 6/12/97

We"ll travel to Florida next summer. We want to stay at Miami Bech Can you inform us which airport is the best. Miami or Fort Lauderdale. Thanks in advance. Laurence Hue
-- Laurence Hue ( submitted 4/17/1997

My 8-year old son will be traveling to Fort Laud. the end of March, and I am wondering about ideas for him and his grandmother in terms of fun, interesting things to see and do (think 8-y.o.). Thanks in advance.
-- carol dreyfus ( submitted 3/20/97

one of my friends in Switzerland is interested to spend a golf vacation in South Florida, close to Ft. Lauderdale. He is interested in a upper class resort like Doral, PGA National, Boca Raton Resort etc. I would appreciate to receive some information (incl. resort and golf brochures) about a golf vacation planned for end of April or May 97 so I can mail it to him in Switzerland.
My address:
Esther Mattenberger, St. Tropez # 1406, 8140 Cleary Blvd., Plantation, FL 33324
Thanks in advance and have a great day.
-- Esther Mattenberger ( submitted 3/13/1997

I am looking for packages (golf and lodging) for a one week stay in Fort Lauderdale starting the 16th of March. I would appreciate any information you can supply. Thank you.
-- Richard LaBrosse ( submitted 2/16/1997

I will be coming to fort lauderdale on may31,1997.we will fly in and want to be able to get around.One question i have is about transportation. is there a bus service to Miami.We will need this to get to the cruise lines. Thank you for your help, Joe O'Donnell,
-- The O'Donnells" ( submitted 2/02/1997 We had not been to Fort Lauderdale in 10 years and couldn't be more thrilled by our last vacation here this summer. We played tennis on the city's clay courts and saw where Chris Evert learned to play. We had lunch at many of the great restaurants off the inter coastal waterway and just drove around looking at the homes with a dock in the back yard to see what size of boat they had. Any one else do this? :-) We'll be back again next year. It really has been too long.
-- ( submitted 9/23/96

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