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Average Temperatures (in Fahrenheit):

High Low
January - March 63 36
April - June 87 50
July - September 88 63
October - December 74 35

Pleasant temperatures in the summer and mild winters make Atlanta a pleasure to visit year round. Dress appropriately Jan.-March.

CLIMATE: Some states have two. Others three. But Georgia has all four. Four beautiful seasons with an average year-round temperature of 65F, perfect for any outdoor activity. Winters are mild with an average high of 55F, while summers are warm with an average high of 90F and low of 71F. Spring and autumn are transitional with temperatures leaning to the warm side. Georgia enjoys mild temperatures year-round due to its latitude and proximity to the warm water of the Gulf of Mexico. Keep in mind: the Georgia Mountains generally remain cooler than the rest of the state. Rainfall averages 50 inches annually, providing lush foliage.

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