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Trivia and Fun Facts

In the interest of presenting fun and fascinating information on the Internet - we offer you, Trivial Fun Facts to Know & Tell. These are little tidbits of information about Myrtle Beach, South Carolina history, local life and lure, and other interesting facts. Want to sound like a native? Show your friends and family that you know more about the Grand Strand than they do? Then read on...
The Name Game ...
Myrtle Beach received its name after the Sweet Myrtle Tree native to the area.
The Grand Strand was coined by Claude Dunnagan in his newspaper column December 3, 1949. The term has come to include an entire string of communities from the fishing village of Little River to historic Georgetown.
Oceanfront Property News!
Oceanfront lots in Myrtle Beach were $25 in 1905. If you built a property for at least $500 you received a second lot for free.
Over 1400 Restaurants
Serving up everything from seafood Calabash style to Japanese. But for a local specialty, try a restaurant which offers Lowcountry-style cooking - simmered slow and rich in spices - dining at its best!
Over 3,300,000 golf rounds played in 1993
Intra-Coastal Waterway
Was originally built in order to be used as a secret passageway during World War II.
Home of the Shag
This colorful dance is thought to have originated on Ocean Drive in the 1940's during the heyday of the fast-moving Jitterbug. Apparently, the Shag began as an attempt to do the Jitterbug but a little too much to drink slowed the dance down.


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