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Family Activities

These programs for the entire family provide hours of adventure, intrigue, fascination, and sheer enjoyment. Myrtle Beach is an ideal vacation destination! Here are some of our favorites. If you know of others we may have missed, we would love to hear from you!

Aggie Gray

Explore beautiful South Carolina Lowcountry with a narrated historical tour of the Waccamaw River aboard the 51 foot aluminum riverboat Aggie Gray. The tour lasts about 50 minutes and covers approximately 6 miles. The Coast Guard licenses the Aggie Gray to carry 49 passengers - the open upper deck seats up to 29, while the enclosed lower deck is adequate for all 49 passengers in case of inclement weather. Equipped with restrooms and vending machines, rates are $6 for adults and $3 for children 6 through 16. Children younger than 6 are admitted free. Schedules are available by calling 843-238-0168

Aladdin's Bankshot Basketball

Did you know that this family sport originated in Israel and this is becoming a very popular sport in the United States. The game requires players to shoot at 19 different stations using conventional basketballs and backboards with a number of opportunities to make each goal. Each station requires its own shooting strategy, with each player shooting up to 5 times per station. The game is similar in concept to a miniature golf course and can be played by both young and old alike. Here is your chance to show the little ones how to play basketball from a strategy perspective without worrying about what old father time has to say about it. Games are $3 per game. Call 843-272-0952 for best times to play. Great fun for all ages!


If a high-tech futuristic interpretation of "Tag, you're out!" is your game, then this laser tag game may be for you. Armed with your wits and a laser gun, you compete with 2 to 60 other participants trying to dodge and zap each other in over 5,000 square feet of black-lit illuminated playing areas. The strategy here is to make it to the "enemy" line without being hit. Glow in the dark shields and your cunning provide your only protection in this game. Dress comfortably with rubber-soled shoes and enjoy this real life science fiction thriller. Games are 20 minutes long and are priced at $6.50 per person. Best to call ahead for specific times at this popular spot at 843-448-1900

Fant-A-Sea Wheels

If its been a long time since the entire family got together and enjoyed a great afternoon roller skating; then this may be the spot to try. Traditional roller skates and the new in-line skates are available for all skating levels. While skating, pause for a moment to peer into one of the seven 125 gallon aquariums that take center stage. When its time to rest, a great snack bar is available and don't forget to challenge some of the family members at the arcade before getting back to the fun at the rink. Family day is Sunday, when a family of four can get in for just $6. Every day has different special sessions so call 843-238-0409 ahead of time to see which one would be best for your family. Great value and fun for the entire family!

Mayhem Manor

For older children and adults alike, this hunted house will scare you silly. Dr. Morphious Mayhem is reputed to have performed murderous experiments on unsuspecting beach visitors, and the mansion is said to be haunted by these many victims. High technolgy makes many of the frights in this one very believable utilizing haunted twists such as robotics and special lighting and sound that will startle the starch out of even the most fearless ghosts. Boo! Call 843-651-4413 for hours of operation.

Maze Mania

Talk about your rat race! This maze will keep the entire family lost for hours. Scurry through the mind-blowing network of paths and find the cheese and get back as fast as posible. There are prizes for those that can beat the posted time on your time card. This is an outdoor course constructed on three-fourths of an acre and modified daily. Family members can watch and root on the observation deck as family and friends alike become stuck in the trap. Adminssion is $4.95 for adults and $3.95 for children 12 and younger. A ticket is good for the day. Call 843-651-1641 for hours of operation.

Motion Master Moving Theater

This is right out of Ripley's Believe it or Not Fame! Here is a theater that literally thrusts participants into film adventures with seats that move in eight different directions! Seats are motion synchronized with the giant screen action for realism that's heart-pounding, nonstop fun. The cost is $5 for one ride or $8 for two rides. There is a minimum height here of 43" tall to climb aboard. Call 843-448-2331 for more information.


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