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Welcome to the Orlando, Florida Travelogue - a moderated page where you can get the inside information on the best eateries, places to go, local nightlife, and things to do in and around the Orlando area. Click here to bring up an easy-to-use form for submission to the Travelogue. Note: These pages are provided courtesy Southeast Getaway. You will be brought to the Segetaway.com site for postings of new comments. Note: This page is not an advertisement for any particular spot and all opinions contained here are solely those of the individual contributor.

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Category: Travel Tips & Questions
we are planning a trip to orlando in mid Dec. of this year... what is the weather like?
-- Vicki Buckles - Wednesday, May 12, 2004 at 10:04:43

Category: Places to Stay
Hi everyone. I've been on holiday to Orlando 4 times as a child and i've loved it so much that i am looking to go there for 3mths at bthe end of this year. Does anyone know if the hotels offer a discount for long stays, or is it better to stay in a hostel?? I'm looking for the cheapest form of accommodation for the 3 months.
-- Laura Rice - Wednesday, May 12, 2004 at 04:00:58

Category: General Area
My girlfreind and I are getting married march of 2005 and would like to vist orlanda for our honeymoon.thanks for the info. 
-- steven Albrycht - Monday, May 3, 2004 at 16:12:43

Category: General Area
I want to know what there is to do in orlando for about five nights, moderate price restuarants, and great family spot for fun? 
-- shuvonda parmley  - Sunday, April 11, 2004 at 18:12:04  

Category: Things to Do
We are driving to Orlando, FL. We would like to do a water park and Bush Gardens. Last year we did Wet n wild. What other water parks are there. We don't want Disney Land. Tammy
-- Tammy Arlt  - Wednesday, March 24, 2004 at 16:20:57

Category: Things to Do
please send asp leaving april 1, 2004 thank you
-- jeanette lehma) - Wednesday, March 24, 2004 at 09:35:45

Category: Travel Tips & Questions
We are looking at the cost for hopper passes, and which resorts we want to visit. We already have our hotel and car.
-- Christa Simmonds  - Monday, March 22, 2004 at 16:47:24

Category: Things to Do
-- Sherry Pfeiffer  - Sunday, March 21, 2004 at 13:08:18  

Category: Places to Stay
Cheap resort for 1 day March 14
-- lisa smith  - Friday, March 12, 2004 at 20:11:24

Category: General Area
Traveling to Orlando, Disney World in May, seeking information re: moderately price resturants and hotels.
-- alice athey  - Saturday, March 6, 2004 at 13:44:07

Category: General Area
We will be family traveling to Florida (including Orlando) in June. Please send us any information that can make our stay a Great one.
-- Mike Maloney  - Thursday, March 4, 2004 at 08:41:08

Category: Travel Tips & Questions
We are planning a trip to Orlando and would like to come to Disney. There are 3 children ages 11,14, and 17. There are 2 adults. We are looking for a place to stay for 3 nights. Tickets prices, and all the events pass.
-- Peter Georgian  - Tuesday, January 20, 2004 at 13:41:44

Category: General Area
we are planning on going to fl (disney world) in April...what is the weather like and is there any way of getting around not waiting so long in line for the kids to go on rides.
-- Barbara Hillebrand  - Sunday, January 18, 2004 at 17:11:12

Category: Golf
have group of 7 adults and 8kids and would like a package deal for motel and tickets to all attractions disney, universal ,epcot, sea world etc? need help finding good deal and dont really know where to start.we will drive there so dont need air fare.
-- edie jones  - Sunday, January 11, 2004 at 09:44:18

Category: Places to Stay
SINGLE AND FLUSTRARED Hi and good day to your, I would most obliged if you could give to me some help and guidance on the best way for me to visit your country. I am a golf fanatic, normally in the winter I go to Spain to play golf. Golf friends of mine tell me that there are some fantastic golf courses in Florida at very reasonable green fees, I am a single traveller, I enjoy my own company immensely, I appreciate meeting different people, I am not looking for an elaborate hotel, a reasonable travel lodge or motel would suite my requirements fine. I hire a nice car at the airport, and with my clubs in the boot each day I drive miles to play golf, in the evening I am quite contented just to go for a meal. My intended enterprise would commence in February of next year, for a period of 14/21 days. Hope you are able to assist me. Can anyone give me some advice please. Yours Ron Clinch 
-- Ronald Clinch  - Wednesday, December 31, 2003 at 19:42:33

Category: General Area
We will be visiting Florida in the next few months and will be staying at one of the Disneyworld Resorts. We will not have access to a car and want to get from there to Universal Studios for a day. What are our options? Is there bus service? And if not, what would a taxi cost? 
-- Karen Ayotte - Tuesday, December 30, 2003 at 10:22:23  

Category: Golf
going to kissimee in aug with 2 teenagers who are golf fanatics were on a tight budget any ideas of how to fit in the golf without paying over the odds also whats the best deals in car hire
-- fiona stewart  - Tuesday, December 16, 2003 at 18:24:14
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Category: Things to Do
comming to universial studio and sea world using shuttle to get places. what else in area can we do.
-- dawn brooks (rbjship@aeneas.net) - Tuesday, December 16, 2003 at 11:38:14
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Category: General Area
I was wondering if you know where we can purchase cheaper one-day passes to Disneyworld on the internet or in Florida? We will be there in a week and a half and don't have very much time to look around. Please help.
-- Ilona Cheney  - Sunday, December 7, 2003 at 13:44:10

Category: Places to Stay
I will be coming down the day after Christmas to take the kids to Disney. I will be traveling in a 38 foot motor home. I am looking for good places to camp while we are there. We will be there for about a week.
-- Kaye Muse  - Tuesday, November 25, 2003 at 14:53:27

Category: General Area
I need some information on Universal Stuidos and Disney world I am doing a paper over the history of these places and over some famous attractions to visit and how much it costs in Orlando
-- Sara Carpenter  - Tuesday, October 21, 2003 at 12:31:02

Category: Places to Stay
hi, we are going to florida in three weeks time. Can you recommend a small quality motel suitably located for disney. Many thanks
-- robert lynn  - Wednesday, October 1, 2003 at 09:11:14  

Category: Travel Tips & Questions
Hi i am trying to plan a trip to orlando florida and plan to visit disneyworld but i am not familiar with the best time of the year to go. I was wanting to plan it for april when my daughter is on spring break. Can you tell me when the best time to go is and if april is a good time as i am trying to get airline reservations early. Also can you tell me how far disneyworld is from orlando? Thank You.
-- Elvia Martinez - Monday, August 25, 2003 at 01:02:11

Category: Places to Stay
A senior couple would like to rent 1 bedroom apartment near disney world for the month of feb 2004.
-- william webster  - Friday, August 8, 2003 at 19:52:32

Category: Travel Tips & Questions
I am trying to plan a family reunion trip to Orlando next summer sometime in (July 2004) I am interested in the multi day passes at the theme parks, hotels place to go for the picnic and banquets and any recommendation for "Must see" attractions Im looking for best rate package plan
-- Tonya Austin  - Monday, August 4, 2003 at 09:38:59

Category: Travel Tips & Questions
We enjoyed our stay in Orlando and stayed in a home in Davenport. Are interested in exchanging our 4 bedroom vacation home on the Outer Banks for a similar home in the Davenport area. 
-- J Geris  - Friday, August 1, 2003 at 19:14:39

Category: Things to Do
I want information on every thing, hotels, restuarnts, things to do.
-- karrie eaton  - Wednesday, July 23, 2003 at 20:04:34

Category: General Area
I would like to have brochure of Disneyland Orlando
-- ARZU DOGRU  - Wednesday, July 23, 2003 at 03:15:47

Category: Travel Tips & Questions
I am trying to plan a family reunion and I want to know if you can help in any way as far as hotels, places to go, where to have picnics, and banquets... Thank you
-- Ashley Chandler - Tuesday, July 22, 2003 at 15:46:25

Category: Things to Do
I want information on every thing, hotels, restuarnts, things to do.
-- karrie eaton  - Wednesday, July 23, 2003 at 20:04:34

Category: General Area
-- ARZU DOGRU  - Wednesday, July 23, 2003 at 03:15:47

Category: Travel Tips & Questions
I am trying to plan a family reunion and I want to know if you can help in any way as far as hotels, places to go, where to have picnics, and banquets... Thank you
-- Ashley Chandler - Tuesday, July 22, 2003 at 15:46:25

Category: Places to Stay
Hi,my boyfriend and I are going on our 1st vaction alone. I just truned 19, and I graduated last year from high school. I want to get a break and be on my own in a new place. I don't know the best {& cheapest} areas to stay in and close to clubs, water parks, malls, and etc.I want to go to Fl. around the end of July. Please help me out! Thanx Shanni
-- shanna hamilton  - Monday, July 14, 2003 at 18:42:29

Category: General Area
Hi, my family and I are looking forward to a vaction in orlando florida at the beging of aug. I would like to get information on a cheap vacation package deal. I have three kids,a husband and myself. I'm looking for a deal under eight to a thousand dallors and discount tickets to universal studio,bush garnden and sea world . Thanks, Mrs.Polly
-- sanlina polly - Friday, July 11, 2003 at 15:05:44

Category: Things to Do
Hello, I'm trying to plan a summer vacation with my children. My biggest problem is the number of children I have. I'm a single mother trying to plan a vaction with 10 children.
In which 8 out the 1o, our my children and the other two children are my step children. If there's a vaction package out there for me please could you either e-mail me, or would you be so kind to send me something in the mail. My children ages range from 15-3yrs. of age. We're trying to visit the Ftl. Florida area so my children can visit their father. If you have any suggestion please feel free to send them, I would greatly appreciate it. Thank you! sign/ A vaction needed badly!!
-- tracie norris - Thursday, June 26, 2003 at 14:50:12

Category: General Area
I will be coming to Orlando on the 18th of July. Would it be possible to get an Orlando travel brochure before then??
-- Mike Hursky  - Thursday, June 26, 2003 at 10:29:31

Category: Things to Do
I am taking my family to Florida for Christmas and was wondering what would be the best parks to visit. We have an 18 year old and 15 year old.
-- Carol Hooper  - Sunday, June 22, 2003 at 15:34:45

Category: Travel Tips & Questions
i am in the military an is presently stationed in korea. i plan on taking my family of four to dysney in september for the weekend, can u tell me about prices and if i would would be getting a military discount for both myself and my family.
-- shalanda campbell  - Tuesday, May 27, 2003 at 01:50:38

Category: Travel Tips & Questions
We want to visit things to do & see- don't want to see Disney, just would you suggest for and older couple to see.
-- Shirlene Smith  - Sunday, May 25, 2003 at 15:47:03

Category: General Area
were looking for something close to disney world
-- shauna brown  - Sunday, May 18, 2003 at 14:13:05

Category: Restaurants
find me restaurants in orlando Florida 
-- Budzynski lyuba  - Sunday, May 18, 2003 at 11:15:45

Category: Travel Tips & Questions
Dear sirs We are two and we would like to make an excursiont to blue spring state park from kissimee. Do you know if there is a tour o a way of transportation to reach the park do you offer something like a tour ? thnks you very much for your kindly reply bye andrea
-- andrea gatti  - Friday, May 16, 2003 at 15:57:18

Category: Places to Stay
We are planning our vacation to Orlando, Fl and would like to stay at a moderately priced Hotel or resort that may include 1 or 2 meals a day and is reasonably priced for a family of 5 , ages 20, 18, 14, 12 and 1 adult near Disney world and have a shuttle or transportation to the main attractions. Do you know of a Hotel that offers a larger room for a family of 5?
-- Sonya Dorn  - Friday, May 16, 2003 at 01:36:31

Category: General Area
My family and I would like to visit Orlando in July. There will be 3 adults and 4 children ages 8 to 11. Can you provide me info on discount tickets and a place to hook -up a travel trailer that's near or on Disney grounds.
-- Joe Ayala  - Wednesday, May 14, 2003 at 12:27:18

Category: Travel Tips & Questions
where could i find great deals to get tickets to universal studio(flordia)? I'm looking to in sempt. and stay for 3 days, but with a group of about 5.
-- chantal roberson  - Tuesday, May 6, 2003 at 19:33:31

Category: Travel Tips & Questions
Me. and my famaly like to travelling to disney for the first time. two adult and one child. 
-- Jhony Laurin - Thursday, May 1, 2003 at 14:17:18

Category: Travel Tips & Questions
Hello, I'm looking for a very good pkg deal to Orlando, Florida Disney World (my husband and i, retired, I'm on disability, my daughter, her husband and their two kids, ages 16 yrs & 9 yrs and our brother-in-law, retired) we will be traveling from Missouri in a 32' rv and i would like info on a rv park close to Disney World, august 1st to august 9th. Thanks dot
-- Dorothy Baldwin  - Sunday, April 27, 2003 at 11:33:48

Category: General Area
I am looking for a vacation package for 2 adults, including all together...Airfair...Hotel...Food...Amusement Park Tickets,8 days and 7 nights. We want to go to Orlando Flordia to visit Sea World, Disneyland, Animal Kingdom, Bush Gardens (Tampa) visit the beach and the other popular places that you might know. We don't want to drive we would like to have a shuttle to take us to these places. We would like to get the best deal we could. 
-- Dan Roe  - Sunday, April 27, 2003 at 04:09:02

Category: Things to Do
I'm getting married in may and we are planning a honeymoon in Orlando fl. We would like some discount tickets and great deals on hotel rooms that include meals. Also would like to know any activates and special events. 
-- Pricella hunter  - Wednesday, February 12, 2003 at 16:42:15

Category: Places to Stay
We are looking for a vacation package deal that offers hotel and free tickets to walt disney world for a family reunion start July 5th -11th plus rates for children
-- CLAUDETTE WITCHER  - Saturday, January 18, 2003 12:32 AM

I am trying to plan a family reunion trip to Orlando next summer Early Summer in late June. I am looking around June 24-29 5days/4nights. I am interested in Universal Studios, could you let me of packages that will include the hotel and theme parks. The price range I am looking at is $30.00-$50.00. 
-- Kim R. Harvey  - Wednesday, August 28, 2002 at 07:30:04

We plan on taking our Honeymoon December 13 thru December 22. We would like to fly out of Seattle, WA and also arrive back there. We want unlimited passes to Disney World and would also like to visit Bush Gardens and the Rocket Ships. Any extra's would be great. If we could get a package that includes food, that would great also. We don't need plane tickets just a package with a hotel for 9 nights and food included as well as all our fun stuff. Thanks again. Hope this is helpful.
-- Havila Freeman - Friday, August 9, 2002 at 13:38:46

My family and I are looking for a travel package that is fully loaded, for two adults, one teenager, and one ten year old. But we would like to pay for it in payments. So then we can just get on the plane and not worry about anything else.
-- Sara Valladaress  - Sunday, July 28, 2002 at 21:58:09

Hi myself and my new wife have just returned from the dominican republic for our honeymoon on the 3/7/02 we stayed at the gran ventana beach resort in playa dorada there was so much to do if you are not just a sun worshipper the hotel was so clean the food was fantastic and the people were so lovely i would certainly reccomend this holiday for families and couples.Now next year we are looking to do to orlando florida for two weeks with our two children one will be 15 years and one will be 2 years can anyone reccomend a hotel that will cater for these ages and also not to pricey as near to disney as possible
-- Mr Paul Martin  - Saturday, July, 6, 2002 at 17:03:42

My wife and I with two kids and a baby are looking for either to stay at a reasonable motel under 50 a night or a camp ground place that has a pool motel must have pool also we need week rates for July 1st to July 13th 2 weeks stay can you help? Email me 
-- James  -- 6/11/2002

Wondering how much it is going to cost for 2 adults and one child 7and how i can get two day passes and motel we are going to flordia on may 30th to june2 02 thank u lisa
-- lisa fuston  - 3/20/2002

We are going on our first vacation and would like some information in disney land. if you have any info please email asap. we have two kids and would like to make this a very special trip. if you have any ideals. we are open to any......
-- stephenie martin 3/13/2002

My family is planning a vacation to Disney in August and would like to know the cost for tolls from South New Jersey to Orlando and if anyone knows where I could get discount Hopper Plus passes (4) for 5 days.
-- Stacie  1/24/02

I am 38 years old and am travelling alone for the first time to Orlando, Florida to see Disney and take a sort of retreat vacation away from everyone at home. I am nervous about picking up my luggage and being able to get to my transportation to the Best Western on Int'l Dr. Any suggestions to make my trip easier? Does anyone know if there are any good eating and shopping places around this hotel? I don't drive so I would have to walk. Thank you in advance. 
-- Lori Vattes 

My family (3 adults 1 junior -14) are traveling to Orlando, June 22 - July 6 2001. Need Info o good, reasonably price lodging, near Disney attractions. Thanks PRC.
-- PRC  6/15/2001

My husband and I are planning a trip to the Orlando area July 17-23. Need info on good, reasonably priced lodging, events in the surrounding area, etc. Thanks for any info you can send.
-- JSALTER  submitted 6/2/1998

Wife and I are traveling to Orlando this weekend, May 9-11. Does anyone know of a good place to stay near Disney World which is nice and moderately priced?
-- Den submitted 5/6/1998

-- MAYRENA TAVAREZ (ZEXXY@AOL.COM) submitted 4/27/1998

looking for information on golf course in orlando.while down there on vacation june23rd to july third would like to play 3 rounds.2 adults 2 juniors 14.please send any info if available,would like to play one dysneycourse. thank you regards tom donachey
-- Tom Donachey submitted 4/24/1998

I was able to get a good good deal with Southwest airlines for Orlando. I was able o get air car rental and hotel (travel lodge 2 milesfrom gate) for 7days (6/30 to 7/8/98)all for $1,800.00. The passes are not included.The hotel is just outside the village can you tell me if it is ok.
-- Luis Bello  submitted 4/22/1998

Hi There! We are a group of Peruvian friends (all Male), who is travelling to Orlando on August, We want to know if anybody has a good suggestion about a cheap (and good) hotel, only for slepping. not so far from the DYSNEY attractions. Thanks.. ALF
-- ALF ) submitted 4/14/1998

My fiancee' and I are getting married on June 22, 1998, and we are planning on going to Orlando on our honeymoon. We want to stay just outside of Walt Disney and we are sort of on a limited budget. We enjoy anything to do outdoors and are even considering camping a couple of days if needed. We want to see all of the Walt Disney attractions but we also want to enjoy the sun and water. Please help give us some pointers on how to plan a fun but inexpensive honeymoon. Thanks, Dana
-- Dana Sparling submitted 4/13/1998

For any of you guys looking to come to Orlando, Florida We provide luxury furnished villas and homes, Attraction tickets and golf packages Please visit our Home page listed at http://www.gate.net/~babloo Or call us at 1-888-269-6612 Regards April, 5, 1999
-- Camsun Vacations - Jim  submitted 4/5/1998

My fiancee and I are getting married in June, We are planning on traveling to Walt Disney World. On our way down we will stop at Myrtle Beach, but plan on being there for the forth of july weekend. We will be there for about one and a half weeks. We would like someplace close to the attractions, yet romatic enough for us to be alone, do you have any suggestions?
-- Unknown- submitted 3/27/1998

DEAR WAIT DISNEY WORLD I will like it if you can give us information where to get discount tickets from , and don't forget to e-mail us at JJR 1581021, and send a picture of WALT DISNEY WORLD IN FLORDIA. PLEASE LET ME KNOW WHERE TO OBTAIN A TWO DAY PASS .
-- JJR1581021  submitted 3/23/1998

My sister & I are traveling to Orlando, October 15 - October 22, 1998. We are in our twenties & would like to know the interesting places to see, so we don't waste our time @ the boring places. Looking for fun things to do. Also, very important is the nightlife. We need to know where to go to hit the popular clubs. If you could respond or send some correspondence to: 532 Broadway #17 El Cajon Ca 92021, it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!!!
-- kari coulter  submitted 3/17/1998

Please email me with Orlando area package options & fees for a single golfer for late may '98. thanks 3-14-98
-- George N. Wood  submitted 3/14/1998

Me, my wife & two daughters (7 & 13) are planning a July 5th, 1998 one week stay in Florida. We will be flying from Nashville, Tn and are planning on going to Disneyworld and doing as much as we can in 7 days. We have never been there before. We want to make out time count. Please let us know how we can save money & have fun too. Also...my daughter wants to stay on the beach. Should we rent a condo, a motel room or what. HELP ME PLEASE. THANKS...RANDY
-- Randy  submitted 3/7/1998

my family and i will be spending two nights in orlando. i have a 14 month old daughter and a 15 yr. old babysitter. i would like information on some of the places we could go. also some of the hot spots my husband and i could go alone.
-- teresa hanke submitted 3/5/1998

We're looking for a 3 day mini-vacation.Preferably, Thurs-Sun in April.We'd like a place in Disney with a golfing day for 1.Basically, all we need is reservations for a nice hotel & the rest of the vacation we will plan ourselves.We have a party of 5. 4 adults & 1 teenager. Thanks, Pat 3/1/98
-- Pat Gabor  submitted 2/28/1998

We will bwe traveling to Orlando in mid May 98. Can you send us some of the tourist booklets? Last year I learned of some discount cards that we could get (I don't know if there was a charge or not). If you cannot do this please forward my name to someone who can. John & Barbara Trent 3980 Arborwood Lane Tucker, Ga 30084
-- John Trent  submitted 2/27/1998

One of the best sites for Central Florida is located at http://www.orlandotravel.com
-- Ken  submitted 2/19/1998

Hi my name is Sarah and my family( 2 adults, 2 children ages 17 & 15) is planning a vacation to Walt Disney World in Orlando Florida for May 1999. We are looking for a package that has the following:
_ Round trip airfare from Bradley Field (Hartford Connecticut)
_ airport to hotel/hotel to airport transfers
_ 4 night , 5 day accommodations inside Disney either at a hotel inside or a Disney resort(1 room)
_ 5 days unlimited admission tickets to the Magic Kingdom, Epcot, MGM, and the Disney waterparks with park hopper privileges
_ unlimited use of the Disney transportation network(monorails, ferries, ect.)
_ handicap access
As of right now no specific dates have been decided on anytime in May will be fine. We are currently checking out quotes from a number of different travel agencies and are looking for the best deal. We have a very small budget and will go with the travel agency offering us the best deal with all of the particulars we are looking for. Please e-mail me with a price from your travel agency. Even if you donOt have the exact package we are looking for we would be more than happy to consider your package. We are not glued to the package above. I will be waiting to hear from you and hope to get a reply soon. You can e-mail your quote and information to  Thank you.
Sincerely, Sarah Linderme Holyoke Massachusetts
--  submitted 2/18/1998

Hi. My Fiancee and I are bringing our 4 childrend to Orland the end of April, beginning of May. We are staying at the Comfort Inn Maingate on Irlo Bronson Highway. Is it a pretty safe area? Are we in a good location to Walt Disney World and Universal Studios (Nickelodeon Studios)? We are getting a pretty good rate. Is the property pretty decent? Thank you. Debbie Carrillo
-- Deborah Carrillo  submitted 2/9/1998

My fiance's family and friends of approximately 10 from Norway are planning a trip to Orlando to visit Disney World, Epcot Center and Universal Studio then head on to Destin/Fort Walton Beach after our wedding on June 13, 1998. They would like to spend about four days in Orlando then 3 days at the beach. Do you have any suggestions/recommendations of any timeshare condominium that is reasonable?
-- Chase London  submitted 1/29/1998

Hello My wife and I are planning to visit Orlando for a week in August 1998. We would like some information about good but affordable accommodation which is within tolerable distance form the DYSNEY attractions. Please send back any helpful details. Here's a famous Irish wish for you. 'MAY YOU BE IN HEAVEN AN HOUR BEFORE THE DEVIL KNOWS YOU'RE DEAD.' THANKS AND BEST WISHES TERRY MURPHY
-- Terry Murphy  submitted 1/25/1998

My wife and I are planning a trip in late Feb98 to your area and wonder if you could let us know what somee of the golf packages are available. Thank you.
-- Alex Gilmore  submitted 1/18/1998

Seeking info. about a golf trip for 12 senior players, either late Jan. or early Feb. 1998. Could someone please send me approx. cost of a golf package that would include lodging, golf & cart for 3 nights stay and play golf 4 days.
-- Bob Johnson submitted 1/1/1998

12 people coming in mid feb. Need moderatly priced golf and condo Feb 18,-22 18 holes and cart on 19th,20,21,22 diff course each day
-- John Hofferth  submitted 12/28/1997

Please send me information about Orlando.Two adult wish to visit Disney's world between 01.february.98 and 01.march.98.Please send me some hotel offers for 7 days with all days pass for Dizney's world. Thank you zoltan.easynet.on.ca
-- ZOLTAN MASA  submitted 12/27/1997

Hello My son and is wife plan a trip to Orlando around June 2, l998. It will be a honeymoon trip. They want to visit Disney World and maybe take in some of Orlando's other attractions. Can you give info. concerning airlines, accommodtions, etc. Thanks,
-- Barbara Kennel submitted 12/27/1997

I have a group of eight that are looking for a three night stay package with either three or four rounds of golf on courses that are nice but not outrageously priced. We are planning on arriving Jan 22nd and departing on the 25th. I would appreciate any suggestions on packages or what courses to play if we book things seperately. 
-- SKIP REESE submitted 10/27/1997

Hello, I am form Rapid City SD. I will keep this short. My parents are coming to Orlando The last week in March and beginning of April. My father wants me to look into golf packages for 3-4 courses, around the Orlando\Kissimee area, I hope that is clear enough....where they pay before they get there, and then they can get a little taste of golf in Orlando. I would appreciate any help, anyone can give me. Thank You.
-- Ryan Lindquist submitted 10/23/1997

Am currently getting info for golf trip 3/12-3/15/98 for 12-16 golfers. Would like info on better courses and lodging in Orlando area for those dates, all will be flying in from New Jersey early 3/12, leaving afternoon of 3/15. Thank you
-- Jack Beers  submitted 10/16/1997

I am coming to Orland in April to conduct some business near the convention center, and then plan on goin to the west coast,gulf side for several days of pleasure. Please send me some info. on accomodations, etc.
-- e.johnson"  submitted 9/25/1997

My wife and I are considering a golfing trip to the Orlando area during the first week of December. Could you advsie what your weather is like at that time of year? We are also interested in accomodations with golf as part of their package?
-- Allen Edge submitted 9/21/1997

Hi! Could you please send me some information on all of your golf packages. I'm planning a trip in May of '98 for around 20 golfers. Thank You Tom Stencel
-- thomas stencel  submitted 9/09/1997

myself 15[hndcp] my wife nonplayer and my son 4[hndcp] to visit your wonderful country in early october idealy to rent accomadation and car thanks for any help keith conway
--  submitted 9/6/1997

I'm trying to find a golfing resort,with suitable accomodation for two couples in the Orlando area, close to the major attractions, and shopping malls.Any suggestions? Thanks, Sonia
-- Sonia Nicholls submitted 8/7/1997

Would appreciate if someone could tell what exactly is included in a 5 day hopper pass for Disney. I say 5 days period. My wife say's 5 days plus two days at any of hte water parks.
-- The M Fam submitted 7/17/1997

we advanced to nat. tourn. in orlando, july 5-12, we are trying to bring 15 players and their parents. we are looking for dorms or something comparable for this large group of people. the motels are too expensive for each individual family to attend. if there is anyone with information that might could ease this situation. please respond.these kids earned this trip and we would like to be there to support them in their effort.
thanks from austin, texas (roland warriors-south texas champs) author mary(uncolax)
-- submitted 5/19/1997

How far is from orlando. florida to Kennedy space center.
-- Vernon Swartz submitted 5/10/1997
Editor's Note: I recommend you check out MapQuest at http://www.mapquest.com/. They have a feature called TripQuest which can plan a trip & tell you mileages along the way.

On the 27th of June we're leaving for Orlando, with five people. Three from about twenty years old. Can you tell me something about the most interesting places for people at that age. We're only staying a week, but we want to get the most of it. Also, what would you recommend us? MGM or Universal studios. I'm looking forward to it.
-- jurgen smolders  submitted 4/22/1997

I am interest in taking a vacation in FL and would like some info on somevery nice place that are moderatly priced. Me and my wife have been married for two years and have not been able to take a vaction so please help!!! Thanks
-- Gary M. Harvey  submitted 4/21/1997

I was wondering if it would be at all possible if you could send me information on the events and some of the special places to vist in orlando flordia because I have to do a class project on orlando flordia and when i use the internet the only thing that comes up is disney land and the station
-- Mindy Gustoff  submitted 4/16/97

I am looking for information on a trip to Orlando or Walt Disney world. I need prices for airplane tickets from Gander airport in Newfoundland. I would like an intenary of activities for a week! I would also like hotel and restaurant prices and recommendations!! I would like this information ASAP! Thank You much! Wendy Walters!
-- Wendy Walters submitted 4/6/1997

Pleas, send me infomation concerning prices and travelarrangement, too Orlando. And if you have some other informations about Orlando, pleas send that too.
-- peter  submitted 3/31/1997

Did Disney last year. Had a marvellous time. Highly recommend 5 day park hopper pass. It makes it easy to come & go. Going back Mar 11-18/97 & want to do Universal, Sea World, Wet 'n Wild. Can you buy ticket packages? Where? When best to go to Universal? Do they open earlier than advertised? Any ideas on best plan of attack when it comes to rides and lines? Can you do it in one day or should we plan on two? Please email any suggestions/answers/ opinions to the above address. Thanks a lot!
-- Julie Shipp  submitted 3/4/97

My family are going to florida next month(april) is it cheaper to buy tickets in the uk or when we arrive there???
-- submitted 3/8/1997

I have a group of 20-30 men who might be interested in Orlando as a golfing destination, if there were any packages available to accomadate a group of this size- motel, golf and cart pricing? Would like a choice of 3 or 4 different courses! please return answer by land mail or quick answer by e-mail if you please. Thank you Robert Johnson, 3115 w. 63rd St., Davenport, Ia. 52806
-- submitted 3/3/1997

We are travelling to Orlando in March with two small children for the first time. Any recommendations for "must see" attractions? Also, what can we expect in terms of weather (ie rain, temperature)? We are coming from Winnipeg Manitoba Canada
-- tpaluk submitted 2/1/1997

We will be in your city after the 29th of Jan. Will be leaving NE on Sunday Jan 26th picking up daughter at Miami and then to Orlando, need map of city to get around or can I get it off the net??
-- Betty Ebsen  submitted 1/18/1997
Editor's Note: The best online resource for maps I've seen is MapQuest at http://www.mapquest.com/ - there you'll find an interactive mapping system and their latest product TripQuest (they claim door-to-door driving instructions). I've used MapQuest quite a bit for finding destinations over the last year. Have a good trip!

My husband and I visted Florida in Feb. of 1996. We stayed in Disney for the first time. It was the best vacation we ever had. I highly reccomend staying with Disney. They have reasonable hotels. We stayed at the All Star Music resort(the least expensive hotel in Disney) and we still had a great time.
-- Becky Z. submitted 12/4/96

On my most recent visit to Orlando, we purchased Multi-Day passes and were able to enjoy all of the Disney sights at our leisure. On the side, between Epcot (where I was asked to "Skip to My Lou" by the dancers in the American building), the Magic Kingdom (where I got a way cool picture of me standing next to the Disney Robin Hood), and MGM, we spent a day at Wet 'n Wild and ate dinner at Medeival Times. At Medeival Times, you're given crowns with a specific color, which corresponds to your "knight" which you watch battle the other knights. If you've seen Cable Guy, you know what I mean :-). However, you can't join in the action, but, you do get to eat your dinner minus utensils (even soup!) and enter restrooms (your respective one) marked "Serfs" and "Wenches". Definitely a must do once you get to Orlando...
-- Allison Murphy  submitted 9/10/96

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